Endangering of physical and emotional safety and wellbeing by calling for violence against a particular person or group of people, including threats of rape and other forms of gender-based violence.


It happens all too often that online threats result in real-world physical violence against a person, group or damage to material goods or spaces. Moreover these physical attacks may not come from the same person making online threats. Rather online threats can inspire and encourage others to commit physical violence. 

Social media users in the Balkans, a significant problem is making threats, hate speech and calls for direct violence against refugees from Africa and the Middle East. During one such incident in Belgrade, live-streamed via Facebook, a young man crashed his car into a migrant center in the suburbs.

There are certain measures you can undertake to decrease the risk, for example you can advance your digital hygiene . See for example DIY online safety guide or ZEN - complete manual and the art of making technology work for you.

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