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Data center and cloud

Decentralisation of the system, as a measure of physical protection, is set as a key condition for its security. It is recommended that the data is not stored on the same machine from which it is sent to the network or on which it is processed. There are several ways to store large amounts of data. The simplest way is to store data on an external hard drive. External hard drives with relatively good performance are affordable, but this type of computer hardware does not have a built-in duplication mechanism. This means that in the event of a failure, most of the data on that disk would be lost forever. On the other hand, external drives do not have direct access to the internet and are active only when connected to a computer, so they can be said to be relatively secure. Storing data on an external hard drive means that the data remains in the organisation's physical headquarters.

From a data loss risk perspective, renting storage space on a cloud server is a much better way to store important data. Cloud computing is an internet technology based on the remote use of resources (data flow, storage space, working memory, etc) and their exchange between multiple applications and users. The cloud can be private, public or hybrid. Cloud services use RAID technology (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) based on the model of comparative use of multiple disks for data storage, where each data is located in at least two locations, which significantly reduces the risk in case of failure. Some cloud storage solutions are Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SpiderOak, Tresorit, etc. However, if it is sensitive data, storage on other people's devices is not recommended, despite the fact that all cloud services include encryption .

The third way of storing data is to form your own mini data center  in which all data of importance to the organisation will be stored. Equipment for this purpose depends on the needs. There are a number of ready-made solutions that are cheaper and can permanently solve this issue. Thus, the data will remain within the physical space of the organisation, and the application of RAID technology will reduce the risk of data loss and theft. One of the ready-made data center solutions is Drobo.

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