Revenge porn


Revenge porn is defined as posting sexually explicit content without consent, with the intent of humiliation, shame or blackmail. Revenge porn is a violation of  privacy and can result in extreme emotional trauma. 

Even if the content was consensually created, consent must also explicitly be given for online posting or distribution. 

Regardless of the medium (video recording, pictures, or gif) - the act of posting non-consensual content alone can be considered revenge porn as a person targeted with online abuse is in no way to blame: there is no excuse for violence. If you are targeted with any type of digital violence, we urge you to seek support from your support networks - primarily friends, family, that can understand you and your feelings. Take time away from spaces where you’re experiencing the harassment, and ask people you trust to check on your accounts, emails and update you about the status of attack, or help you collect digital evidence  .

A journalist from Azerbaijan was secretly filmed engaging in sexual intercouse in her own home. This video was later leaked to the media and widely posted online. The European Court of Human Rights later determined that the journalist’s right to privacy and freedom of expression were violated. It was the first case of its kind that clearly established a link between privacy and freedom of expression.

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