Trolling has previously been described as intentional, but with the intention of being humorous or witty. The term has now come to describe intentional and ill-spirited mockery, shaming, and provocation.

It has been difficult to prove that trolling alone reaches the legal threshold to be qualified as a criminal act, as trolling has been determined not to constitute an assault on one’s dignity or basis for panic or fear.

ADVICE: Do not respond to trolls with hate or threats, as this type of response could provide them the opportunity to file charges against you (and, in fact, this is often their intent).

There are very few successful mechanisms for preventing or punishing trolling. One remedy is to ignore them and avoid their attempts to bait you into engagement, but whatever remedy you use, you must, first and foremost, feel safe.  

Making use of reporting mechanisms - flagging these profiles, filtering or blocking their posts  , or restricting access to your profile - is always an option.

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